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Emergency Dental Care

You can’t think straight. You dare not eat. Even taking a sip of water seems an issue.

If you’re dealing with a dental problem right now, everything’s a challenge and some urgent intervention is required. Glen Forrest Dental Care can be called upon at all hours to rectify a dental emergency. We can help so call us now or book online.


What is a Dental Emergency?

There are two factors that signify a dental emergency:

  1. The degree of discomfort in the patient. This varies from person to person.
  2. The actual physical ailment.

Perhaps you’ve been putting up with a nagging pain for a while and it’s just hit a whole new level of ache. Maybe you’ve just broken a tooth on the field, during your weekend round of sport. Only you know when something in your mouth feels very wrong. Rest assured, there is a dental expert ready to take your emergency call. Glen Forrest Dental Care can take last minute/emergency appointments wherever possible.

To help you through to your emergency visit, here are some ways to nurse common dental emergencies:

Tooth Ache

Toothache can be the result of a range of dental ailments. They can start off slow and build over months or it can be a rapid increase in pain. In general, the best way to see if your tooth needs urgent treatment is to rinse your mouth with salty water and floss to remove any food particles. If the pain continues, Glen Forrest Dental Care would like to see you a.s.a.p.



An abscess is an infection in the gum, tooth or the bone that holds the teeth in place. An emergency dentist like Glen Forrest Dental Care are able to provide you with a treatment solution, pain killers and antibiotics to address the abscess.


Wisdom Teeth

If you’ve had your wisdom teeth out, a saltwater mouth rinse is a good start, however, you should not rinse until 24 hours post-extraction. Do them every 2 to 3 hours, followed by ice packs to the outside of the face at intervals of twenty minutes.

If you still have them in your mouth, wisdom teeth, if left untreated, can cause mouth infection due to the flap of skin that’s been created as they push through. If a tooth becomes impacted and crowds other teeth or prevents you from cleaning properly, infection can result from this too. Again, rinse your mouth out with salt water and at the forthcoming emergency appointment, a plan for the teeth’s removal will be put in place.


Chipped or Broken Tooth

It’s a shock when a broken or chipped tooth happens and it can bring on intense, immediate pain. Being hit by a ball, hitting your teeth on a glass of water/bottle, falling over or biting into something hard – for as many people that live in Perth, there is a new way to have a broken tooth or chipped tooth.

If left untreated, a broken tooth or even chipped tooth can lead to serious problems down the track as living tissue inside the tooth can become infected.

The way to immediately lessen the pain is to rinse with cold water and apply an ice pack to the area.

If there’s minimal pain and you’re concerned more about the aesthetic look, we’d love to see you during regular office hours where we can assess and put a repair plan in place.


Dental Trauma

When a tooth comes completely out, that’s dental trauma. First and foremost, try to preserve the tooth and its root by pushing it back into the tooth socket. If that’s not possible, the next best safe place is between your gum and cheek. If that’s just too difficult, milk is the next best option. Why milk? Because cells from the tooth’s root don’t swell up in milk like they do in water. When roots of teeth swell, they’re very difficult to reinsert into your mouth.

Once you have your tooth in a safe place, call Glen Forrest Dental Care, the surgery that many previous clients consider the best emergency dentist in Perth.


Lost/separated crown, filling or veneer

A clove or clove oil is well-known for having a numbing effect on gums. If you feel sensitivity after losing a crown or filling, place the clove or the oil on the painful area. Then call an emergency dentist in Perth like Glen Forrest Dental Care. If you’ve managed to salvage your crown or veneer, hold onto it for your emergency appointment.


Bleeding Gums

This is the first stage of gum disease caused by insufficient brushing and flossing. If the gum infection isn’t too far gone, brush regularly with a softer bristled brush. Circular rotations are far more effective than back and forth movements. Then floss around the gum line of the teeth. The blood will slow with each brushing as the gums return to health and plaque is removed.

If the bleeding continues, our emergency dentist in Perth will make time to see you.


Glen Forrest Dental Care Is Here For Your Emergency

Tooth enamel is the strongest part of the human body – stronger than bone! That doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage and pain. Accidents happen, and if they do, you need an emergency dentist in Perth who will reliably come to your aid.

If you have a severe toothache or a broken tooth, we know what you’re going through and will see you a.s.a.p. We always allocate some time spare in the day for emergencies. This gives you the confidence that we’re prepared for your emergency and we’re impacting our non-urgent clients less.

Do you have an emergency? Need an emergency dentist in Perth with state-of-the-art equipment and a reassuring, gentle touch?  Call us now and Glen Forrest Dental Care will ease your pain.

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