Family Dentistry Perth


COVID-19 Update

We would just like you to know that all of us here at Glen Forrest Dental Care are committed to the overall health and well-being of our patients, their families and our staff during these unprecedented times. Read about what we are doing here.


Does this sound familiar?

“I hate dentists- nothing personal!”

“I have a phobia…”

“As a child, my dentist was nasty.”

“I am scared of needles!”

“It hurts too much.”

“I hate the sound of the drills.”

“I have not been for many years, but I’m embarrassed to go to the dentist.”

“It is too expensive. I only go when I have toothache.”

“I know I should go to the dentist more often, but….”


We understand. Give us a go, make the call today and lets chat. You might find yourself be pleasantly surprised.  We listen, we care, we help, and we give you time. If you feel comfortable, we can work out a plan we may be in a position to work together.


We may be the dental practice for YOU!!

Glen Forrest Dental Care is a family practice, with highly-skilled and experienced dentists and dental nurses. We are committed to providing outstanding care to our patients in a friendly, non-judgemental and caring atmosphere. Patient satisfaction is our driving force.

As a fully-accredited practice, we adhere to strict sterilisation and infection control guidelines which guarantee the safety of our patients and our team.

Your oral health is as important to us as it is to you. Therefore, we strive to always provide you with treatment of the highest quality, which is tailored to your individual needs.

New patients are always welcome. We look forward to meeting you.


Over the past 25 years, we have provided dental care to the Perth hills. We offer a range of dental services from routine and regular check-up and cleans, general dental to major dental procedures. Come in and chat to us about fillings, caps, cosmetic dentistry and bleaching, veneers, braces, dentures, implants among other dental problems and conditions.

Our approachable and expert team understands the importance of dental health. Your dental health is as important to us as it is to you hence we strive to always provide you with advice and treatment of the highest quality that you so rightfully deserve. Our patients remain our priority which is why we tailor your treatment to what suits your individual need best, provided you have a full understanding of all your available treatment options. Should you require specialised dental treatment we will in a timely and efficient manner direct you to an appropriate specialist.

We welcome all patients to our practice and cater for all special needs patients. Patients with or without dental health insurance, Veterans affairs patients, pre-approved government subsidy patients, families with children on the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) are all welcome. We have Hicaps facilities and are preferred providers of HBF and affiliated to HCF.

As a means to stay ahead of the game, we have successfully completed and maintain a fully-accredited practice. This makes us adhere to strict guidelines which ensures our patients and our team are as safe as possible. Each and every dental instrument are sterilised and tracked after every use. Anything that cannot be sterilised in our state of the art sterilisation room are disposed off after each patient. Tracking of instruments means we can now tell and identify which instruments were used on you on a given day, who used it and who was responsible for its sterilization. In other words, you can be sure every instrument used on you is clean and safe.

As part of our drive to constantly improve on our superior services, our dentists keep up to date with the latest innovations, advances and materials in the dental field. We no longer use amalgam or mercury fillings in our practice and have not done so for a few years now. We have personal health and safety concerns about this material but instead use the composite resins (white) fillings primarily. We constant try to make emergency appointments available for you and are attempting to further extend our late evening services.

Glen Forrest Dental Care an accredited dental practice is located alongside Glen Forrest Medical Centre on the corner of Great Eastern Hwy and Hardey Rd, behind IGA.